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Directors and Management

Ms. LO Ching: Chairman and Non-Independent Executive Director

Ms. Lo Ching was appointed as a Director and Chairman on 19 November 2015. She is a self-made entrepreneur and the founder and Chairman of a China-based Camsing Global. She has more than 20 years' experience in branding, marketing & promotion, IP & licensing, sports & entertainment, distribution and healthcare. She is the founding member of Beijing Mulan Foundation and council member of Guangdong Women and Children's Foundation. She is also Vice President of Guangdong Association of Women Entrepreneurs. Ms. Lo holds an EMBA degree from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and an EMBA degree from HEC business school.

Ms. LIU Hui: Non-Independent Executive Director
Ms. Liu was appointed as a Director on 19 November 2015. She is an accountant by training. She has years of experiences in financial auditing and asset management. She is Vice President of Camsing Global. Ms. Liu holds an EMBA degree from HEC business school.

Mr.  Patel Anand Rameshchandra: Independent Non-Executive Director
Mr Patel was appointed as a Director on 21 March 2019. He is a Singapore Public Accountant and currently practices under Everest Assurance PAC. Prior to Everest Assurance, Mr Patel was an audit partner at a local audit firm. He also worked as a Finance Manager in a large trading house handling its accounting and trade finance functions. He has more than 18 years of extensive experience in the areas of accountancy, audit, taxation, corporate and mercantile law, out of which he practiced as an Auditor for 10 years. He has also passed his Chartered Accountancy in India and ACCA (UK).

Mr. Tay Chiew Sheng, Bobby: Independent Non-Executive Director
Mr Tay was appointed as a Director on 21 March 2019. He is currently serving as Executive Chairman of Silk Routes Financials, International Economic Advisor to Zhong Zi Hua Xia Asset Management a China State-owned enterprise and non-executive director to Plus Connect Limited an ASX listed stock.  He also currently serving as President of Gulf Asia Shariah Compliant Association (“Gascia”) a non-profit organization which he founded with the objective to facilitate and promote awareness and understanding of Islamic Finance and encourage Islamic Finance market participants, particularly from the Gulf and Asia. He is the co-founder of the world first Islamic REIT - Sabana Shariah Compliant Industrial REIT, the key person in the creation and leading the listing of the REIT, Envisioned, designed the REIT structure and project lead the formation towards the IPO process, including leading the various road-shows for getting in the cornerstone investors such as Al Salam Bank from Bahrain, Fidelity Investment Management from Hong Kong, Capita Bank from Jordon, Brunei Investment Authority from Brunei and Employees Provident Fund from Malaysia which the IPO raised SGD664 million and 12 times oversubscribed. He obtained his Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Management) at University of Western Sydney and holds Master of Business Systems at Monash University.

Mr. Lim Heng Huat, David: Independent Non-Executive Director
Mr Lim was appointed as a Director on 21 March 2019. He has 41 years of working experience and is presently the Chairman/CEO of Dawyn Group of Companies since 1986. He is also a member of various associations in Singapore and in China. He has 33 years of proven track record of manufacturing, establishing strong distributors’ relationship and promoting health supplements in 15 countries. Mr Lim is very active in social community services, he used to be the President of Lions Club of Singapore North from 1999 to 2000 and he had serving as Lions BefriendersService Association as its Management committee, Chairman for Long Range Planning (LRP) and Fund Raising from the year 1999 to 2017. Mr. David Lim had been featured in many newspapers, magazines in the region and had been successful in making many of his buinsess partners companies having a turnover from a few millions per year to S$50-S$300 million per year. His received praises from various countries like Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, etc. In 1996, he was awarded as Friendly Ambassador Award for the promotion of Chinese Healthcare presented during the “China Healthcare Scientific and Technology International Conference” (Beijing, PRC). The same year, he received Special and Exclusive Award for promotion and teaching of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Culture presented by the Chinese Medicinal Culture Research Centre (Beijing, PRC). He had conducted many motivation talks, product seminars and leadership seminars in more than 15 countries.

Mr. HUA Min: CEO of Nature's Farm

Mr. Hua was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Nature's Farm on 1 June 2018 and is in charge of overall management of Nature's Farm. He has more than 20 years of rich work experience in healthcare, international trade and overseas project management. Mr. Hua graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology with a Master's Degree in engineering.

Ms. Jennifer WANG: COO of Nature's Farm

Ms. Wang was appointed as Chief Operating Officer of Nature's Farm on 8 May 2017 and is in charge of daily operation of Nature's Farm. She has more than 20 years of experience in international business operation. Ms. Wang received Bachelor's Degrees in clinical medicine from Capital Medical University and in international trade from Capital University of Economics and Business in China.